What is Permanent

Make up?

Permanent Make up also commonly referred to as Semi Permanent Makeup, Micro Pigmentation and Cosmetic Tattooing is a medically proven treatment where coloured pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin to create colour and shape that naturally is not present.


One of the most obvious benefits of permanent makeup nowadays is time.  Time is precious and we never seem to have enough of it, especially in the morning. So, the time it takes to draw on your perfect eyebrows, eyeliner or lips (and get both looking perfect and even) could be saved with permanent makeup. 


What’s more its smudgeproof, so it doesn’t need reapplying throughout the day, even during or after sports, swimming or showering.  It also perfect for those who aren’t able to apply makeup for themselves due to disability or medical reasons.

Is it the same as a Tattoo?

To a degree, yes. However, permanent makeup involves inserting the pigment much closer to the skins natural surface in comparison to a traditional tattoo. In addition, the specially designed hypoallergenic and safe iron oxide pigments used in permanent makeup have a differing ingredient compound to traditional tattoo inks.


How long will it last?

Whilst the pigment will remain in the skin indefinitely, as your skin renews itself the visibility and strength of colour will fade over several years.  The extent of this process varies and very much depends on client age, skin, pigment colour choice and lifestyle. Most people benefit from a colour refresh approximately 12-18 months after initial treatment to keep looking their absolute best. 


What happens to my natural eyebrows?

I always work with your natural brow hair and shape as much as possible. You will still need to pluck/wax the hairs outside the defined brow shape created but as the shape is clear and defined it is easier for you to maintain yourself. 

Does it hurt?

It is always my priority to ensure my clients are completely comfortable . A large number  say they actually look forward to time out for their treatment and some even fall asleep.

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